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In addition to our roofing expertise, we offer gutter installation services to ensure your entire roofing system functions seamlessly. 

Our roofing experts understand that a fully functioning roofing system includes rain gutters to prevent water damage and preserve the integrity of your roof. Gutters are essential for effectively transferring water away from your home. 

Without them, precipitation can wreak havoc with your foundation and lead to costly repairs down the road. 

At Amherst Roofing Contractors, we provide our customers with the best materials and gutter installation. 

If a product does not meet our long-term performance standards, we do not use it! For the best gutter installers in Buffalo, contact Amherst Roofing Contractors today.

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Need Gutters? We Have You Covered

Importance of gutters
Rain gutters are an important line of defense against water damage, which is one of the most costly expenses that homeowners face. There is no shortage of precipitation in Western New York, highlighting the importance of a well functioning guttering system. It is pretty easy to determine if you need us to come out to take a look at your existing gutter system. Next time it is raining, get your raincoat on and go visually inspect your gutters. All water should be transferred into the gutter, down the drain, and away from your house. You should not be able to see any “waterfalls” flowing off of your roof and onto the ground. If you see any areas where water is flowing from your roof to the foundation, then you likely need a gutter repair, or you need your gutters cleaned. A gutter inspection is 

recommended as soon as possible to avoid costly damages that can occur with excessive water. We are your trusted guttering company-contact us today for your free quote.

Seamless gutters
Aluminum gutters with no seams can be custom-fitted to any home. They come in a wide variety of factory-applied colors to match your home and roof. The durable finish is highly resistant to thinning, harsh weather, and bending. They can last up to 20 years! Without worry about rust and corrosion, aluminum gutters are easily installed and cost less than other types. If the fascia boards are in good condition, aluminum rain gutters can be installed in one day. The advantage to seamless gutters are they are cut on-site to reduce joints and offer a sleek look. As they are custom, they reduce the opportunity for leaks to be an issue in the future, saving you time and potential damage. Seamless gutters are made from aluminum, steel or copper.

Determining the best gutter for your situation depends on considering factors such as climate, building architecture, and budget. Your gutter contractors will present you with a variety of options so you can decide what is best for you. Aluminum gutters are available in many colors and are popular due to durability, resistance to rust, and lightweight nature. Vinyl offers an affordable option, but they are less durable than other seamless gutters and don’t always hold up well to the cold WNY climate. Steel gutters are stronger than aluminum, and handle more severe weather conditions. Steel can rust over time unless treated or are stainless steel, which has a higher cost. If copper gutters offer an elegant appearance and are highly durable and weather resistant. Copper gutters will over time develop the green patina that is characteristic of copper. Coper gutters are also among the most expensive. Wood gutters are the least common type of gutter due to high maintenance and potential for rot. Wood gutters offer a unique aesthetic, especially for historical renovations or specific architectural styles. Zinc gutters are similar to copper being on the higher end of costs for guttering. Zinc is highly durable and resistant to corrosion, potentially lasting over 50 years.

Each type of gutter comes with advantages and disadvantages that Amherst Roofing Contractors can help you sift through. We have the experience necessary to understand the technical aspects of rain gutter installation. We know the unique challenges the weather of Amherst can present, and we know which gutters work best for our climate. We will also advise on maintenance, gutter repair, and inspections to ensure your gutters are doing the job they need to!

Our gutter installation experts understand the importance of a well functioning guttering system in keeping your roof and home protected from rain.  Contact us today to get your free quote. 

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