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Amherst Roofing Contractors has the experts needed to handle any problem you have with your roof. From roof leak repair and asphalt shingle repair to roof flashing repair and emergency roofing services, we have you covered. 

And by covering you (and your house), you can have peace of mind knowing that your home and assets will be protected from the weather and the great outdoors. We also complete annual inspections to keep your roof well maintained. If any repairs are needed, we will present you with all the options to fix the problem.

Have you finally decided it is time to address the problem and get someone out to look at it? Or perhaps you have an emergency roof repair and you require a 24 hour roofer to get on the site immediately? 

No matter your problem, our crew is the right fit for the job because we have the solution. Our roofing repair contractors do it all and we do it well. Contact us today for your free estimate and meet that roofing repair head on.

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What Are the Signs You Need Roof Repair?

Damaged Shingles
When you visually inspect your roof, are there cracked, damaged shingles that may be curling at the edges or even missing entirely? These are clear indicators that your roof likely requires repair. If you have missing or damaged shingles or if water is getting in your home, you’ll want to give our professional roofing contractors a call immediately. We will give you a free quote on repairing your roof.

Shingle Granules in Gutters
Another clear sign that your shingles are worn out is finding granules from your shingles in your gutters. Call us immediately so we can evaluate the situation and offer the best solution for your home.

Leaks After a Rainstorm
If you notice water stains on your ceilings or walls, this indicates a leak that could be due to roof damage. You may also see peeling paint or wallpaper which signals moisture issues.

Sagging Roof Deck
A sagging roof is a serious issue that indicates a structural issue. As it could relate to the foundation or decking in the attic, it is important to have Amherst Roofing Contractors evaluate the situation as soon as possible.

Higher Energy Bills
Unexplainable increases in your home’s energy bill is a likely consequence of an issue with roofing.

Mold, Moss or Fungi
If you see the presence of mold, moss or fungi on your roof, there is a moisture issue which can ruin the roof over time.

Our Roof Repair Services

Roof Repairs
If you are a homeowner, it is inevitable that parts of your home will begin to wear out and break and your roof is no exception. More than likely, you’ll eventually need a trustworthy residential roof repair company for your home in the Greater Buffalo area. If you need a roofing fix, you can always count on Amherst Roofing Contractors. No doubt the roof is one of the most crucial components of your home, shielding you from the elements and ensuring a comfortable living environment. Over time, even the sturdiest roof can suffer wear and tear. Keeping up with roofing repairs will save you time, money, and potential headaches down the road. Little problems can quickly become big problems if you wait too long. We’ll give you an honest report on the condition of your roof along with a free repair quote. Call us today for your free estimate.

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Leak Identification & Repair
The ideal approach to roof leak repair is to be systematic in preventing water damage to the roof. Regularly inspecting your roof, or trusting our roof repair specialists to do it, will help prevent a leak in your roof. We check metal flashing around vents, skylights and chimneys for any sign of rust or compromise. On the interior or your home, we visually inspect for water stains, mold or peeling paint on ceilings and walls. We inspect the attic, to ensure there is no musty odor, wet spots, or damp insulation. If there are water spots where damage is evident, we trace back to the source, keeping in mind that water will travel sideways or along beams. We can also simulate rain to precisely identify the leak source.

Shingle Repairs
Depending on the extent of the damage, minor issues to shingles can be repaired. Repair is often a budget-friendly way to solve minor to moderate roof damage. Our professional roofing contractors will provide a close visual inspection of your home’s roof, looking for missing, cracked or curled shingles. We carefully prepare the work space to remove the damaged shingles, install new shingles as seamlessly as possible, and seal the edges of the roof to secure it and prevent water ingress.

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Emergency Roofing Repair
Our 24 hour emergency roof repair services can put your mind at ease when everything else seems like it is in chaos. There is no shortage of emergency situations that can damage a roof. Typically, the emergency roofing services we provide most often result from a lake effect snowstorm or a tree that falls on the roof. Both situations can cause significant damage in need of an emergency roofer. To prevent any more damage to your home or assets, contact us now to get started.

Gutter Maintenance & Repairs
Did you know gutters should be cleaned at least twice per year, usually Spring and Fall? Who wants to spend game day on a ladder cleaning gutters? No sports fans around Buffalo! Let us take care of keeping your gutters functioning properly, so you can do your job eating wings and 

watching Josh Allen do crazy amazing Josh Allen things. While you sip a cold beverage and yell at the refs, we clean leaves, twigs, and any debris to ensure your gutters can flow as designed. No more water overflow that damages your home’s foundation, siding and landscaping. We will inspect, clean, and prevent clogs by installing gutter guards. We seal leaks using gutter sealant. We correct sagging gutters to ensure the pitch is correctly towards the downpouts. We use downspout extenders if needed, and reattach or replace any detached or damaged sections. Of course if gutters are severely damaged, we will suggest replacing them to ensure your home, foundation and siding are 100% protected.

Flashing Repairs
At Amherst Roofing Contractors, we pay close attention to flashing during repairs. Flashing repair helps your home play defense when it comes to preventing water damage. In fact, just like the Sabres goalie (whoever that might be this year) deflecting a puck, flashing directs the water away from critical areas. Flashing is usually made from aluminum or galvanized steel, but can also be copper, rubber or PVC. Our experts will properly install flashing to ensure it directs water away from your home’s vulnerable areas so water doesn’t seep in. In some repairs, sealant is applied around the flashing. Be aware that sealant will degrade over time, and materials can corrode if certain metals come in contact with water. This means that just as gutters should be regularly cleaned twice per year, flashing should also be considered. If you choose us to take care of any roofing needs, we will ensure the flashing around your home is maintained and secure, saving you from costly repairs down the road.

Poor Ventilation Repair
Roof ventilation systems are made of intake and outtake vents, working together as lungs for your home. Not only can customers save money on energy bills with ventilation repair, it helps regulate temperature keeping you happy and comfortable. Amherst Roofing Contractors will provide a thorough inspection to understand the extent of your home’s ventilation issue. We look for moisture, mold growth, ice dams in winter, or even excessive heat in attic spaces during summer. After pinpointing the issue, we consult with homeowners to extend the life of the roof, prevent rot, and reduce energy costs. We may determine vents need to be installed, such as soffit vents if it’s an intake problem, or ridge or turbine vents if there is an exhaust issue. Trust the pros at Amherst Roofing Contractors to install additional vents, if needed. We take into account your roof’s design and any specific needs. Some ventilation systems may be salvageable by upgrading damaged vents or enhancing through better design or technology. We work hard to ensure ventilation continues to perform at top speed over the years. Not only do we comply with building codes and best practices, we are transparent and determined that our customers are satisfied.

Hire Your Trusted Roof Repair Specialists Today

Our roof repair experts stand ready to restore your roof to full functionality. We understand how stressful needing a roof repair can be and we will strive to provide you with a great customer experience from the start. Most importantly, we will fix the issues or recommend the appropriate course of action if a repair is not possible. Contact Amherst Roofing Contractors today to get started on your roofing repair. 

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